Five ways how you can show love to your car this Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day and we feel the love everywhere. But for many of us, the car is our first love. But, we usually don't treat our cars well, wading it through the mud on off-road drives, leave it out unprote. On a day intended to show love and fondness, it isn't far-fetched to appreciate your car and strengthen the bond between you.

So, here are the five ways how you can show love to your car this Valentine's Day.

Make it Glow: Give your car a good wash and have it detailed well. Protect it with a wax or a sealant to maintain her sparkle.

Get the interiors cleaned by vacuuming it and do away with all that trash you never discarded. Finish it by cleaning the scramble with a dashboard protector to repel the dirt. Get your evaporator checked for bacteria and dirt as we want you to breathe fresh air.

Get it dressed up: This Valentine's, get your sweetheart a new set of apparels. Change that unpleasant old floor mat of the car and steering grip. Replace the boring seat cover that was installed by your dealer with some mood-lifting comfortable covers. Check the tread patterns of your tire and change them if necessary.

Make it smell good: Use natural fresheners inside to reduce stress and improve mood.

Give your beloved Valentine's present: Love your car with a ceramic coat to keep the curves shine.

So now, it's time for Valentine's Day resolutions: We all make some kind of promises to our loved ones on Valentine's Day, don't we? So why not do likewise with your car and resolve to consistently keep it fit. After all, you don't want to look terrible when you are up for that important meeting or on a date with your partner!

  • Keeping the interior of the car clean
  • Filling up the tank before the vehicle begins running on those last drop of fuel.
  • Driving safe and inside speed limits.
  • Checking and fixing up the oil levels coolant levels and tire pressure every week once consistently.< /li>
  • Checking the electronics and brakes before each ride.
  • Slowing down right on time and tenderly to keep your tires and brakes in fine condition.
  • And always show love to your car

So what are you waiting for? Take your first love for a spin up those twisties to have that adrenaline rush!